Jenelle Evans Top Moments

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Some of the top moments from Jenelle Evans on Teen Mom 2. And by top we mean bottom.
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I agree with you shay


this girl is a sad excuse for a mother.. shes a tramp and a drug addict.... cant take care of her kid and beats on her own mother. Shes disgusting and does not deserve to even be labled as a mom... i really just want to punch her dead in her face and treat her how she treats her own mother.. disgusting pig is what she is


I like har new boy fried


Jenelle is a spoiled, selfish brat who obviously got everything she wanted and did not have to work for anything ever in her whole life its pretty clear. She is ungrateful and a psycho! This girl ca never be alone which is why she keeps getting a boyfriend one right after another. I feel so sorry for Jace and hope the mom doesn't make the same mistakes she did with jenelle.


I'm so sick of watching Jenelle!!! It's pretty bad that Amber goes to jail for battery on Gary but this stupid little girl keeps getting chance after chance! She needs to be in a mental hospital! If I was her mother I would have already snatched her up for talking like that to me. Also, she say's," I can't watch him, it's too much for me." What a freakin cry baby, he's your damn son dumb ass!!! You're not his babysitter, you're his mother! I think Jayce would be much better off without her and I think some people shouldn't be or aren't cut out to be parents and Jenelle is definitely in that category.

Kellie m

She is so disgusting. She has zero respect for anyone.

@ Kellie M

I could not agree with you more Kellie!!!!

@ Tina

i just feel bad for her...

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