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Jenelle Evans shot this video, dedicating it to "Gary Motherf--king Head" and singing angrily to Red Jumpsuit Apparatus' "Face Down."

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How is this bad?All she is doing is singing to a song about how she feels?Everyone gets hurt,An we all have a different way of showing it.This is kind of make me laugh.She is 20 years old. Yes she needs to learn but who really cares.but people who have no life an judge others.


this does not make her a bad mom in any way. she is expressing how she feels. lots of girls do this, sing songs about how they feel. she has some anger problems yes but shes doing the best she can.


Maybe if she would spend a lot more time with her child, she'd realize that right now, he's all she needs. Poor kid. Dumb skank doesn't realize one day the kid will be old enough to see through her bull sh*t and won't want anything to do with her. I don't think Barbara is a very good influence either.... I mean... Just look at Jenelle... P.s. Jenelle fights like a p*ssy. :)


Jenelle isnt a bad mom. Shes done everything for her son and I dont see how shes a bad mom by singing a song to her ex? Amber shouldve won . She abused her husband!! Jenelle has done all she can and is trying to,get her life on track , I think she is a great mom! I dont see how she is a bad mom for singing a song to her ex, almost everyone does that.


To Reva: Please read before you submit anything else. Good greif!


How does this make her a bad mom? I mean really.. Has anyone who wrote this article paid any attention to the lyrics of this song? Stupid media. I'd hate to be considered a bad mom just bc I sang a song to my ex husband.


She hurt no one knows what happens it her way for showing how hurt she is. And I do hope she love her son and be willth hm just stay alone your so will show you all the love you need but its always up to you xoxo


LOL her kid's name is JACE not CHASE.....


people need to learn to spell... she does need to worry about "JACE" not any of these guys but she wont ever take care of him thats why her mom has legal custody shes a deadbeat mother


I think u should stick with 1 guy so chase could actully have a guy around him while he growes up so he has a man to look up at and its not all aout u its about ur kid and how u want ur kid to grow up and lets hope gary can be apart of chase's life.

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