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Jenelle Evans shot this video, dedicating it to "Gary Motherf--king Head" and singing angrily to Red Jumpsuit Apparatus' "Face Down."

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first people need to relize what BIPOLAR is look it up then what addiction is look it up . people are so quik to judg and its so easy when someone is making so many mistakes but bipolar is a hard thing to deal with you dont know wtf is going on with your mood or why u are mad one day and depressed another . jenelles dad wasnt there for her growing up probably made it worse . and to escape from it all she chose drugs well im sure addiction is not easy to kick thats why its called addiction . she seems like a very emotional person . but look at the reasons before you judge people . oh and keifer delp u wheat field hair looking idiot lol all said


1) No seatbelts are being worn.
2) The driver is using her leg to drive instead of her hands.
3) She stares into the camera singing when she should be paying more attention to the road.
4) The blaring music doesn't make it any better either...
Safest car in America, ladies and gentlemen.


They then proceeded to get engaged..


Tori 20 years old is not a teen
We have people aged 16/17 fighting for our country, jenelle needs to grow the fuck up
She is a moron


Selfish nasty evil childish bitch, this waste of air will never change she is an embarrassment to teen moms out there.
If that was my daughter I'd have her commited, she is phsyco.
That poor kid, he has no chance in life, he will assume violence and drugs are normal part of life, he will prob be in and out of jail himself.
Give jace a chance of a life with a good honest respectable loving family, and cut all ties with him( he would be much better off) without you in his life, not that your around much you selfish whore, picking drugs dring and men over your child, you janelle are the reason abortion wa invented, your sis ad a kid young your brothers is a fucking nutcase, POOR JACE


Hunter u must not have kids yeah everyone has kids but most grow up and this lil puke hasnt grow the hell up girl and maybe u could handle ur son u discrase ur hole fam. Cuz ur a shitty mom go get a new life b4 you fuck up ur sons any more i wish ur mom woulda knocked you on ur a$$ when u yelled at her and made ur worthless butt get up and take care of ur kid ..... we all have tooo and amber is a way better mom shes geting strait and been forgiven for her sins and wait for it..... shes been a goood mom sence day one shes everyday wit her babe and she just had to get health with garry and the rest came along. I hope some day u stupid people relize everyone makes mistakes but 100s is too much. Go get help and forget men cuz u cant handle being mom and girl good luck


Wow I can't believe how much of a little brat she is acting like. I'm 15 and I might see someone my age do this. Not someone who is in their 20's with a kid! Wow. I think she needs to mostly care and worry about her own son Jace instead of acting like this about a guy. That shouldn't be the thing that she should be doing. But that's how she is in my eyes. What is best for her is what is best in her eyes. Good luck in the future. That's all I have to say.


Poor skank she think she is soo cool but what she doesn't realize it that everyone I know who has read her messages is against her to the trampy slut who said jenelle was a bad mom and a pussy the sick minded trampy whore who is a terrible and dykeish mother so just whoever agrees whith me comment I.


My favorite song and wow it is sung by my idol!!! Luv u jenelle!!


I think its stupid but see no harm in it

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