Jenelle Evans throws down with her roommate and her boyfriend on the January 24, 2012 episode of Teen Mom 2.

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Jenelle is an idiot and all her lil fans are idiots too look at the way you people write for gods sake. You should all be pushed off a cliff into an ocean full of sharks. You drag this country down. Fucking idiots. I hope you all die seriously. Save me the concerns of my kids growing up with your kids one day.


mann jenelle is mii homi 4real u feel mii nd dha reason y ii sai dat cuz she look cool nd shell ride jenelle to let u kno ii kno dat u a nice person, iyts juz lyke other ppl cant see dat but ii do


hi hulu?


I love jenelle all da way


the way i saw it jenelle got beaten with drumsticks.
keifer should be sued for assault. more than likely the whole fight was staged for mtv.

@ tummyhorse

mutherfucker u crazi gettin sued fo lykin dha fite u mus b out yo gotdam mind shit let mii hit dat shit u smokin puff puff past n tis bitch but ani wai dnt tak tis shit 2 hreat wat imm sain but im 4real bout dat puffin shit

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