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Will Jenelle Evans go to jail over this fight with Britany Truett? It's certainly a possibility.

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jenelle she needs to grow the hell up in be a mother yea iam not a mom at all i dont have kids..but grow the hell up she needs to because she has a son but she dont care about her son her mom takes more care of her son then she will every do..her stupided drugs are more inportnt to her more then her son and she goes out in partys and hang out with her friends more then her son shes not a mom shes worse then anything on this earth


You guys are clearly overexaggerating the none of you have ever been in a fight haha dumb asses...that doesn't make her a bad one even knows what the girl was saying to her that caused the do you know she didn't beat her ass for talking about her child


Wow! She beat her Ass! But seriously when r u gunna grow up!? You have a child! Stop w all this childish shizz!


What a great mother.... stupid bitch, I hope your son grows up hating you. You are nothing but a waste of space and a poor excuse for a mother. I have no idea how you live with yourself at night knowing your mother takes care of your child because your lowlife boyfriend and weed is more important... and id love love love to throw down with you just once so I can possibly knock some sense into your ass... getalife dude sincerly,btweed


SHE FUCKED HER UP! But on a serious not, why is no one talking about those people in the background egging her on? Like Kiefer, who you can obviously hear.


This angers me so much. She is such a pathetic excuse for a mother. I don't watch that show, and I can't believe that no one broke that fight up. Who ever taped this show, should have their teeth knocked out. And her "friends" are just as big of a loser as she is! Old enough to spread them legs, still just can't grow up. WOW, this video just makes everyone in it, look like they were inbred and back woods. Good going little girls.


I'm following the program Teen Moms from Italy and hondestly I really don't understand why she's acting like this!In the first place, I liked her story, because I thought it was one of the most difficult ones and was one was the most "attractive" one, because of her behaviours and mentality. For sure she has a lot of problems with her family, but she's also the wrong company and friends (wow, the girl who's pushin' her to fight..if she was my daughter...). To be honest, I'mve never seen a girl so angry to beat so hard another girl. I was used to see scratches, hair pulling like tractor pulling, but nothing more.
I believe she needs a vacation and believe that such videos CAN'T BE published!

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