Jeffrey Gutt X Factor Audition

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Jeffrey Gutt blew us away with his X Factor audition. Listen to him sing "Hallelujah" in this video and then prepare for his really cute son.

Awesome. Cut an album. I will buy it if this song (and rendition) is on it. Jeffrey, I hope you are doing well.

@ Deron

You can buy the single on itunes. There's your nugget for the day.:)


2000 Hits on His YouTube video *Turn the Page*
In One Day !
We should Help make Him a Sensation ! !
I think He Has the X Factor ! ! ! !


! ! ! WOW ! ! !
! ! Love Him ! !
He is my pick for the WIN !
Found Him on YouTube . He does a Fantastic version of Turn the Page .
I Hope He Plays Guitar for us on His way to being the Winner


If you missed this audition, please check it out! Absolutely great!


When he said he was singing Hallelujah I thought, aww crap. Then he gave the best rendition I've ever heard - Rock On, Jeff. AWESOME voice.

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