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Jason Mesnick's ex-wife Hilary appears in a music video for Seattle rock band Out From Underneath.

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Jason and Molly on July 4

Jason Mesnick and Molly Malaney posted this joint video on the Fourth of July. It's cute stuff.

Jason and Molly on Ellen

Jason Mesnick and Molly Malaney speak their minds on the controversial ending to The Bachelor.

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Jason Mesnick dumps Melissa Rycroft on the "After the Final Rose" special following the season finale of The Bachelor.

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Jason Mesnick makes an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live the same night as The Bachelor finale and "After the Final Rose" shocker.

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I think that Molly is way better than Melissa. Molly is more dedicated to the family and Melissa acts like a child (to me). Jason and Molly make a perfect couple. Molly rOcKs!!!!!


He better not be secretly dating Molly! I would be so MAD if he was that would be so rude to do to Melissa!! She is so sweet and would be a AWESOME mother to ty! She is adorable! GO MELISSA!!!

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