Jason Mesnick on Jimmy Kimmel Live

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Jason Mesnick makes an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live the same night as The Bachelor finale and "After the Final Rose" shocker.

I think that jason is a scumbag! he should have never brought melissa through this. she didnt deserve that! i used to love this show but i will never watch this show again. we love u melissa!


The guy is a freak! How many women is he going to drag through his son's life before he finds a keeper. Jason has only 2 viable brain cells and obviously they are not in his head. I will never watch this show again! It is fake and disgusting!


I think the show has a fatal flau in its structure. How can anyone really pick a life partner when they are living in high style totally foreign from every day life. I think the producers should dump the show. I don't plan on watching anymore.


It's was hard for him, but the right thing he did. I believe Melissa knew he was a great catch with a big heart with high morals, integrity and ethics. I believe her values are much different than his and manipulated and confused his heart.


I can't believe this I will not watch this show again

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