Jason Biggs Slams Bachelor Women

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Whoa there, Jason Biggs! Watch this video to see what the actor said about women on The Bachelor.
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Hmmm, OK Jason, well I heard you have a really tiny dinky willy. Your last name is a cover up for your short comings!

@ jacasa

First of all, I do not think its acceptable to criticize anyone's looks, but if you are as ugly as Jason is, it's even worse! I truly hope God, or Karma or whatever you believe in, will take good care of him and give him a special needs child so he can spend the rest of his life remembering every day how insensitive, ignorant, and disgusting his comments were!! I have never met anyone with special needs but I've always felt for families coping... I have three children and I've been really blessed. I never swear, but I really hope this incentive asshole is taught a real life lesson! Insensitive and inhumane people like him make me sick! But... I truly believe in "What Comes Around Goes Around" & he deserves what's coming to him!! Maybe he will be an accident that will render him as special needs and he will then have insensitive assholes, like him discount their value as human beings... I used to be a fan but now I'm just disgusted and will never watch anything he's in again!! I will also spread word online about how sick and insensitive he actually is!!!

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