A slideshow of Jason Aldean cheating on his wife with Brittany Kerr. Classy.

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    No one gives a $h!t if Jason Aldean cheated on his wife,no offence jason. Brittany Kerr waz wurth it,brittany's pretter than jessica,just sayin nothaten. Jason pro knew what he was doin.But i don't care what kind of stupid stuff Jason Aldean does,I will always love & support him!

    @ sidnie mcqueen(Aldean)

    @sidnie mcqueen(Aldean)

    You are an idiot. Please stop posting ignorant comments or at least go back and get your GED...Moron.

    Brittany Kerr is a trashy, fake girl that will obviously do anything to further her nonexistent career. I would hate to be her gynecologist.

    Jason Aldean is an idiot for falling for that old trick. Get a clue brother. I hope you are embarrassed and learned a valuable lesson. Jessica loved you when you were NOTHING. I am sure "Britt" would not have looked your way back then...

    @ sidnie mcqueen(Aldean)

    Your opinion is invalid until you learn how to construct a sentence properly. Though your unintelligent thoughts fit well with your poor grammar skills.

    @ Jamie


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