Jamie on Miley

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Jamie Foxx absolutely goes off on Miley Cyrus in this clip. It's great stuff. Tell it like it is, Jamie!

why all the foul language? did that make it more funny? seems like Bill Cosby was 1,000x's more funny and he didn't have to use such offensive language....show some more respect and take notes Jamie....yes you still live in America and have the freedom of speech but what message are you sending to the next generation??????


why does Jamie feel it neccessary to pick on Miley who is 16 years old? Can Jamie say he didn't do or say anything wrong at that same age? And why point out her gums/teeth? Is your mouth perfect? Jamie you stooped to a new low...I use to think you were funny and you did an outstanding job as Ray Charles but I lost respect for you personally now and I'm not a Miley fan but given the age factor and all I think Jamie needs to mature and learn to not stoop so low...don't sweat the small things...learn to spread more love not hurtful statements or at least don't post them publically...keep it amongst your so called friends that think this was funny...what would you say to Miley in person?I'm sure you would tell her? Has Jamie Foxx ever been full of himself? Pot calling the kettle BLACK?


i am not a big fan of mileys and am a fan of jamie foxx... what he said was funny but not really necessary... in my opinion we should just let this 1 slide

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