James Franco Hits on Teenager Online

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James Franco gets his GAME on with a young fan on Instagram.

@Brooke - Franco knew her age BEFORE he asked to hook up. She told him her age twice and yet he still wanted to get a hotel room with her. Don't make excuses for him. He is scum.


Listen here goes the media again. It's pretty clear he asked her her age and few other questions because how else would he have know her age. This is where these kids under 18 need stay off the sites adults are on or parent need monitor their children. These kids want to grow up so fast and they haven't a glue on being an adult is much longer than being a child and you will wish you stayed 17 for much longer so don't rush it you'll be there soon and nothing will change you won't miss a think a thing back to frankie he did right he asked plus it was pretty clear on what he wanted to plan she then needed to speak up or before it even got this she knew what she was doing what get me angry is this could of turned out bad and he could be put away for years it's wrong we need a new system . I say these kids need to pay the price along with their parents this is the only way parents will wake up and monitor their children more . It's an adult world children play a small part where adult are all over the sites there children sites alone where no adult should be either so come on let's get it straight Franco did nothing wrong !!!!

@ Annie

instagram is not an adults only site.

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