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James Durbin wows the crowd with a performance of "Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow." If he doesn't win American Idol at this point, we'll be surprised.

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Hoo wantsa sukk on a really huge kok. I would really like to shoot some goo in some hot yung blonde..... call me!
KokSPLAT Lacivous Darnell Rashad Jellybean Johnson


James Durbin is a real talent and it's been a joy to watch him. I have enjoyed all the top artists and its been hard to see anyone go. All different and yet I have enjoyed each. James Durbin - I'll buy his music- for sure! For many reasons, he has a great voice, real heart and creativity.I was very sorry to see him go but I believe he will do great things anyway. Also want to say the meanspirited digs from some are reflective of their where they are at, not those they criticize. Please note- they often seem to be illiterate as well! And THEY certainly weren't good enough to get on the show! So, kudos to James, Casey, Jacob, Stefano and the rest. They are all "the best" to this fan.


First of all we gonna miss you on the finale because I was hoping
that you will be on top three..then to top two.Anyway you did 110
percent performance and that you are truly love of what your doing
continue to grow and with right people to work with and you are
going to succeed with music talent...We truly love you..
Don't forget to stay your feet on the ground when you reach on the
top..Stay close to your family..because they will always there for
you..I fell something is coming in your way..and that is change.
God bless you and use your voice to inspire and truly connect with your emotion and to connect to their emotion..


What a bunch of crap , tossing out James Durbin on Idol. I WILL NEVER WATCH THE SHOW AGAIN. HE WAS/IS AWESOME! WHO THE F--K WAS VOTING. TOTAL MORONS?????


As I have watched AI this season, James comes across as an Adam Lambert wannabe. The way he dresses and his singing are kind of a copy of Adam. Even the screaming is the same. Really glad Casey is gone by the way.


Greatness is in store for James! He is sooo talented! He has done great every week - no bad weeks for him!


America, get it right this time, James is the winner. He has a beautiful voice, the other ones can not even get close.


On most of the songs he has sung on AI, he screams. I don't vote for him because he is not the best singer on the show. The screaming bothers others too. I have heard people say the same thing at my office. I also don't believe he got the right diagnosis of Autism. He obviously has Tourettes, but he is functioning fine otherwise. There is a thing going on in this country, where young children are often misdiagnosed with Autism and it was on the news. For some families the diagnosis means a government check and that is why some families have no problem dealing with the diagnosis. Some children are shy or underachieving for whatever reasons, but it is not always Autism.


James is the best Idol of all time I think he could sing anything. Just love him.

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