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This is unlike anything we've ever heard. Take a listen to 11-year old Jackie Evancho on America's Got Talent and be blown away.

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Jackie Evancho - Somewhere Over the Rainbow (Live)

Remember Jackie Evancho? This incredible young talent helped bid farewell to Oprah Winfrey via this rendition of "Somewhere Over the Rainbow."

Jackie Evancho Music Video

This is the first official music video from Jackie Evancho. In it, the 10-year old opera singer shows off her pipes on "Silent Night."

Jackie Evancho Parade Solo

Jackie Evancho sang "O Holy Night" during a Christmas parade in Pittsburgh. The young talent released an album by the same name and set a Billboard chart record with it.

America's Got Talent Finals

Can we just give Jackie Evancho the America's Got Talent crown right now? Watch her performance on the finals and wonder: Have you ever seen or heard anyone like this?!?

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Jackie was the "Greatest Talent" on the hold entire show of America Got Talent. I still believe the votes are wrong a d if NBC would go back and recount the votes. Jackie would be the winner. Everybody that I talk to. Said that they was mad and upset the Jackie did not. That also include ME.


Jackie, bless Him with your voice as He has blessed you with this amazing gift. Jesus Loves You!


" All of the Angels in Heaven are proud to have Her as one of their very own ".......


I've been watching Jackie since the beginning of America's Got Talent and she's like an angel from heaven,her voice is angelical and her poise is outstanding.I know that she has a bright future in singing especially operas and or Broadways.I wish her and her family Good Luck and God Bless.


It's like comparing apples to oranges really, they both are very talented in their own right and will both be successful, but will have different career paths. I am absolutely amazed at the little opera singer; Wow what an amazing voice and if i could, would go see her perform any day. But I am also equally amazed at nine year old Willow, she makes me want to whip my hair back and forth, what a cute little talent and would definitely go see her perform as well. Different musical genres, different audiences. Both little innocent darlings with hughe visions.