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Isabella Barrett is a five-year old famous for appearing on Toddlers & Tiaras. Keep that in mind as you watch her sing LMFAO's "Sexy and I Know It."

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Is best


i m sexy


she is cute but paisley is cuter


so what she doesn't even sing the song actually, besides my 3 year old sings this song, and she can dance to it as well...if every parent is penalized for the music our kids listen to, who'd be raising our kids elmo??there would be no parents left. Im a child with 70s and 80s music that i grew up to, you better go find my mother and give her shit then. youguys are all crazy music now adays is so universal, its just music...say la ve


I do have to say.. the news guy's did over exagerate thigns.. but at the same time. I could care less about that moms feelings being hurt.. since she pretty much IS doing that to her daugther with that damn show..


Why the hell is this child in a night club to began with?????????


I am no fan of toddles and Tierra's for sure. I think that show is sick, but really... I don't see what the big deal is about this video. Ths kid is just sitting there. And she has no idea what the words mean. It's not big deal. I'm more offended that you're exposing your daughter to clearly ridiculous sound pressure levels. You can tell from the video that this sound level in that place is through the roof. Extremely damaging and dangerous for a child's hearing... and actually everyone in the place.


Susanna you're a terrible MOM... just because her 2 favorite songs came on doesn't mean that YOU AS THE MOM allow her to do this. YOU ARE THE ONE SEXUALIZING YOUR DAUGHTER.. the reporters are just showing this to the rest of the world. You won't win the 30 million and I hope that the three organizations that you are sueing turn around and sue you!


Here's the thing, lady:
SHE IS A CHILD, therefore you can MAKE her do things...such as get down from the stage when a sexual song comes on, because let's be realistic here - she's already been sexualized enough by her own mother.
When your FIVE YEAR OLD wants to do something inappropriate, you stop it. Because they are 5 and therefore can't do a damn thing about.
It's called parenting.


I dunno. It says something about you if the name of your 6 year old daughter's favorite song is "Sexy and I Know it".

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