Husband Shoots Man Sleeping With His Wife, Calls 911

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An elderly Arizona man shot a 22-year-old guy for sleeping with his wife and then called 911, making for the most confused emergency call ever.
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OMG! The part that was the most confusing for me is that the dispatcher seemed dumber than the 68 yr old man that said, and correct me if I am wrong. That he came home and found the 22 yr old guy IN BED with his wife, and then the younger man attacked the 68 yr old, so the older man shot at him. The as the conversation goes on the dispatcher, who should have atleast been trying to listen instead of constantly interrupting asks "how does your wife know this man?"
Hmmmm well let's see?! My faith in public officials in any standing is fading quicker and quicker by the second. I am hoping there is still people out there with atleast half a brain and are honest hardworking people.

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