Human Barbie (Valeria Lukyanova) at the Beach

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Human Barbie (Valeria Lukyanova) goes to the beach and shows us what that's like in this great video.

And She not Eaten in a weeks she only get exercise.


Alina Kovalevskaya using only a contact Lense but how about Valeria Lukyanova Sometime she get mad and says something a crazy words Valeria is a too fake !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Is It True that valeria not eaten in weeks ?


sexy cute skinny.. i like her. not all covered in loser tats from 1994. i hope she makes it big! good luk hun


Living off air & light huh? Wow, I had no idea Tarbucks sludge ("coffee") & muffin was made from air & light particulates?! Go fig! Seriously tho, every time someone writes an article or makes a deal about her attention grabbing habits you all make her think shes doing something right. All this "why don't she disappear" crap but you still chose to put this maybe if we ignore her she'll FINALLY go away. MSM makes it easy by keeping her dare i say- relevant. Then you advertise her YT channel(free publicity foo)& even put her pointless video up. I certainly won't be visiting her "channel" anytime soon, i would never give her a single view that would lead to YT paying her. And as a half German half Hispanic person (yup mixed) i think shes a racist fool. Also, did u notice how in every shot in this vid she's ALONE (besides her camera & mirror) Jogging alone, at gym alone, dinning alone, on the beach alone, home alone. P.s. how the hell is she paying for her luxurious life style anyway-youtube?! Nothing about this "girl" impresses me, in fact its pretty sad. Desperate & sad. I hope her alien clan come for her soon. You know the aliens that talk to her. Ugh, what a waste of carbon. I'm done. Sorry H gossip but I won't be sharing this particular article anywhere!!

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The very idea of having children brings out this deep revulsion in me.