Honey Boo Boo Child: Behind the Scenes

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Go behind the scenes now with Honey Boo Boo Child and her family. Yes, these folks really have a show on TLC.
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imagine having total dirt bags for family with behavior like that. imagine any of us grinding away with someone in front of your children in such a filthy way. sweating like pigs, (oh i forgot that pigs don't sweat, sorry pigs, didn't mean to associate you with these--people?!) how pathetic. the ugly kid doesn't know any better, and has nooo respect for her fat little body. we can imagine where that's heading. they say people like this can get reeeeally strange. the blob of a fat mother doesn't seem to know any better. you'd think the father would stand up to this dirt only because most dads usually have more respect for their little girls, but not the case here. gosh, they are quite odd which make me wonder what goes on behind the scenes.!!!! no, i better not wonder. she'll be a very lonely kid one day.


She is a cute girl but when she gets older she is going to look back on this an she is going to be embarrassed on how y'all as a family acted an to be as young as she is its not cute to act that way and its definitely not funny you all are grown you know you don't really act that way we all know its just for the tv

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