Home Invasion Nanny-Cam

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A nanny cam in New Jersey captures a brutal home invasion. It's pretty sickening.
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Really wild west.....
you can't see any similar in countries that US government know them as Terrorists.....


This guy is a sick robber, there is no good enough punishment for this guy, but i recommend a punishment for this monster would be locked him up in prison for life handcuff his hands and feet, tape his mouth, then all the abused women would visit him every morning and beat the living life out of him until he shits on him self every day till he dies.


Just like Zimmerman & Martin. This home invasion was strictly about race. He goes into a white neighborhood and almost murdered a white mother in front of her 3 year old. Thank god they caught the N*gger.


This has nothing to do with race, what this man did makes me sick, he should put in jail,... It looks like he enjoyed this,, the pour women was already on the ground, just take what you want and leave,,.. But this man was more into beating up this women...

@ Alex

Ohhhh when it's black on white it nevehantavirus anything to do with race does it? I wonder if the words WHITE BITCH could be heard if the microphone was turned up as he beat & kicked her ass? Bullshit! If it were white on black there would be riots! I'm guessing this was a pro dominantly white suburb just as you are guessing this has nothing to do with race! WTF do you know if it wasn't racial! This kind of crap happens daily to WHITES! If it happened to blacks the NBC & MSNBC news would be all over it just like ZIMMERMAN so don't sit there and try and bullshit somebody! Violence runs deep in that breed and the Data is there to prove it! Let me guess it's poverty? Or is it drugs? Or is it one parent family? Or can we blame it on the rising of the freaking sun! You take that liberal Obama shit somewhere else!


What a sorry excuse for a human! I hope they catch him and lock his ass down and let a bigger man come in and put a whopping on him! Or this poor women with a bat! Glad she is okay and her babies:/


This MF should be hunted down, shot in the balls, then knees, then hands, then left to bleed to death like the piece of shit that he is. This is exactly why everyone should have a firearm in the house. When I say in the house, I mean kept on your person while at home.


Are you serious, Abe? You think they just want people to be scared of blacks? If so that is the most ignorant thing I have ever heard. This woman was brutally attacked by this man. Are you seeing him kicking her in the face, throwing her against the wall and then through her down the stairs? This guy needs to be locked up for good, he will kill some one eventually. Why does it have to be about color of skin? He is an evil man that deserves long prison term.


tell me too: WHY ARE THOSE CRIMINALS ALWAY'S BLACK? Whites are using make up?

@ abe

You are a stupid Nigg*r. Blacks are the most violent criminal animals on earth. No value of human life for shit. This is why the prisons are full of them. They are the most disillusioned oeater planet. No one hires them because of the possibility of a Discrimination charge. No other breed car jacks home invades at the rate Blacks do. I cannot stand to be around them. They constantly insult and curse. Their reproduction is americas curse. This video is what every white should see especially white women. I only speak to them if I have to and Paula Deen is crying because she said a N*gger joke! Unbelievable!!!They should find this sorry piece of shit hanging from a Billboard in Times Square.

@ Crime is their trademark!

There are countries full of black people that are less violent then countries full of whites. Although Abe's statement was idiotic, you sir are an ingnorant racist. You don't go around blacks because you are also a coward.

@ Ken

You talk about somebody being a racist as your piece of shit ass talks about someone. What do you know about full of white countries! Where? Scotland? Australia? You are the chicken shit racist who I'm guessing is a white coward who has decided to jump on the black band wagon with your broke back ass! You are a wimp who sits and defends a black thug beating a white mother you scum of the earth MF er. I don't go around blacks because they are just like you- RACE CARD, violent, no respect for anything- just like you! You bucket of shit.

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