Heidi Montag Sings Live

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Hide your hears. And your eyes. Perez Hilton is on hand to watch Heidi Montag sing. Bad combination any way you look at it.

eeeeppppp! That was a really bad decision. Im sure Spencer thought it was hilarious. He probly pushed her to do it. I really hope thats not him in the background with the same rhythm as her. its ok thought im sure that they wont get discouraged and she will keep on trying to be something shes not.


haha lip syncing. hahaha. oh dear. im embarrassed for her.


What was that? That was painful to watch. Its like she was drowning without water! How about learning the words to your own song? Okay she's pretty and on TV, but that doesn't change the fact that that was sucky and pathetic!


Shut up everyone you are just so sad that you are not her she is pretty, and she is on tv and can sing so just leave Heidi Montag alone..jessica simpson moves her arms to and she dont suck..
Heidi ROCKS!!!!!


Whahahaha !! Funny stuff !!
She looks sooo ridiculous, what's with the arm waving ?? Signalling a plane to land ??


wat a fuking loserr
wtf the she think she is
wow man
some ppl just suck and some
need to be removed from television


Are you freaking kidding me???? She's lip syncing, her song sucks and wtf is up with her arms????

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