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Heidi Montag lampoons her own plastic surgery obsession and pushes for financial reform in this new video. That is funny stuff.

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This video was actually funnyy


your house loks to classie i like the tob thing reminded me of pamela anderson in her play boy days lol keep up hidi u look fantastic hot boobs nise pink dress nise curves too love u xoxo amber


I love it when celebrities make fun of their own bad habits.


is that really her shes suck a sicko oh bla bla bla i had sugry to make my body look nice so i can sell it to all my friends that wacth the hills..................


She just became uglier of all that plastic surgery.. Her breasts are so not in proportion with the rest of her barbie doll body...
She really needs help!


she looks like 15 years OLDER! pity !!! she looks like a plastic cheap doll....sorry Heidi..u had a bad idea with the surgery..


Heidi needs help!!!! I dont think she really wanted to do this, she is being control by this horrible person she married.. I really hope someone could help her getting out of this sick relationship. she started to change after she met him he is a repulsive bastard I seen many girls like her being mentally abuse they believe and do everything thos guys tell them to do, is really hard to get out of it .. she needs help fast ..


I'm still trying to figure out what happened to her face?! Some sort of cheek implants? It just looks all puffy...and fake - like her ginormous implants (what was she thinking!?!)


omg omg omg girl stop been fake already i feel sorry for ur parents... just stop... look at ur self do u really think ur pretty or cute? girl plzzzz


OMG! She looks awful, her face is so fake! She must stop having plastic syrgury

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