Heejun Han - "My Life"

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Heejun Han clowns his way through this take on "My Life." Steven Tyler was not a fan of the performance. Were you?
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Heejun Heejun Heejun I loved your approach, Now let me check out your departure ! Seriously, when you take a great song like "My Life" and clown around the stage, out of breath, taking the piss out of it, there's no excuse.


This Heejun Han made a complete and total ass of himself in his last two performance. The guy is not funny anymore and I just don't know why the producers of American Idol are keeping him any longer in the show.

Carol worth

On second viewing, it WAS entertaining. Problem is, don't think Heejun is much of a singer but he IS a good entertainer! Go, Heejun!~0;-D

Carol worth

Not really. Steven was right! 0:-/

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