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Ohio daycare worker Heather Koon is accused of doing the unthinkable - raping babies - and filming it.

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Glad I dont know her cause she wont have to worry about jail Id take her off this earth...


Sounds about right . My mom did something like this to a bunch of dudes in high school . She would've gotten away with it if it weren't for those pesky kids


This bitch an her boyfriend need to be executed or better yet leave there asses in jail an once inmates learn wat happened they will get the shit beat out of them or killed... So sick....




Is she so hardup or her so call man not good enough!


How fucking sick who does that


I couldn't even imagine that to happen to my little siblings, oh wait, cause it wouldn't, if anything was starting to happen and i found out; me and that teacher would have some major issues.


She's need to be lock up and her boyfriend, trow away the key, i hope she pay for what she doing, that fat ugly bitch need to die, forhurting those innocent babies, my prayergoes those parents.


Um, Ok... Let's find a couple to rape her fat ass and film her misery. It only seems fair.


Disgusting I wish her the worst!

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