Harry Styles Leaving 1D?

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Harry Styles is said to be leaving One Direction to begin a solo career.

HARRY REALLY!? THERES NO FRACKINH WAY YOUR DOING THIS! Breaking not only your fans hearts but the boys! They care so much harry and your just throughing that all away for a solo? Are you that stubid I'm sorry harry but you need to really rethink this right as soon as I heard this my heart broke! I am in love with you and your doing this! You forgot when you leave one direction they will be hone to and I would not blame them if they ever talked to you again get your head straight harry because not every one has a chance to be harry styles the handsome curly headed boy. Just remember this If you brake with the band everyone will hate you. Just remember that if you read this. One more thing, GET YOUR FRACKINH HEAD STRAIGHT STYLES THIS IS THE REAL WORLD don't do something you will regret.


that is so sad harry styles is a good singer im so mad


Harry y would u be be doing this?!?!?!:( I can't believe u. Giving up 1D for a solo career:( I mean r u serious??? If u r reading this I am or biggest fan since I heard about u!!!! Nobody at my school ever liked u as much as I did:(:(:( they even called 1D harsh names but I stood up 4 U!!!!! I DID!!!!!!! so if this is true............ I'm speachless:(:(:(:( Plzz don't do this plzz:(:( I dreamed of meeting u but I guess that ne.. ne.... never happen:(:( I'm heartbroken: (:(


Oh my word.why would harry styles giv up one direction for a solo carrear?!? That is so lame.as much that I luv harry but it is not possible that harry styles would do something stupid. But being a soloist is also cool but he lyk has the fame,glory and the luv he has.for my advice I think that harry styles should'nt do it pkus they should not gossip about harry styles

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