Haley Reinhart - Rolling in the Deep (American Idol)

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Haley Reinhart sings some Adele on American Idol. What a terrific job she did of it, too.
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Tyler and Crystal what were you listening to? Even the judges, two of which were off base on Haley all season 10 liked this performance. But it certainly nice that you can hide behind the cloak of internet and badmouth a performer. Real mature. Guess what... She was signed to a record contract... her album drops next month and she plays Carneige Hall in in October....do you think anyone really cares aboutt your opinion?


I think she just isnt any good at all.
She does scream and the Adele song that she sang was horrible.
If I was Adele and saw that she sang my song the way she did, I would be upset that she BLEW IT.
Give it up


Actually I take my comment back. To me she stinks. Sounds like shes screaming and constipated. ew.


Shes good but its too modern and poppy. That song is not meant to sound like that... Leave this to Adele... Plain and simple.

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