Guy Tells Mom He Got Girl Pregnant

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You gotta see this video of a guy telling his mom that he got a girl pregnant during a one-night stand.
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this is why america is full of losers like him & her.

@ abe

@abe: Your stock responses to most of the stories/ videos on this site which you doubtless spend a great deal of your time reading/watching are mostly inane. As any retard would be able to decipher, the subjects of this one aren't even American. Hey-ho.

@ abe

America? They sound English. But nice try.


Could it have been an April Fools joke?

@ Crystal

I'm thinking it was. He said the girl came out two weeks ago, and he found out a few days ago. That's pretty soon to know. Besides the fact that he recorded it, which is an odd thing to record.

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