Greyson Chance channels Lady Gaga in this stirring rendition of "Paparazzi." Is the 12-year-old destined for music greatness?

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Im a gal frm africa,zambia,lusaka and i jst wanna say that Greyson z awesome and talented. BRAVO!!


Hi. me again(BIGGEST FAN).Isnt it supprising that i am frm zambia and i know abt greyson? Anyway keep up the EXECELLENT WORK. :)


PIPO!! Y arent u commenting he z awesome. Greyson u hav potential keep up. And I AM UR BIGGEST FAN. GO GREEEYYSSOOON!!!!!... ;)

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Greyson Chance Pic Keep your eye on Greyson Chance. He might be the next Justin Bieber. Only 12 years old, Greyson rose to fame when he posted a YouTube... More »
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