Ricky Gervais wasted no time taking jabs at Hollywood during the opening of the Golden Globes Awards. Watch his insults directed at Charlie Sheen and others here.

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Hey Lucy chill out, I hate stuffed up people like you without a sense of humor. Hes very funny maybe people shouldn't be so quick to get offended people should learn to laugh at them selves and shrug it off he sure can. I love poking jokes at people who can't handle it just to piss them off it makes it that much more enjoyable.


He is a moron. I can't stand anything about him. He is pretentious, arrogant and not particularly funny. I hope one day we can return to a civil society where people are not attacked in a public way.


I've always liked him but his films are not too good, he was on good form, they need to chill out.

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