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Girl Meets World premieres in June on The Disney Channel. Check out a new trailer here.

Rating: 4.3 / 5.0 (147 Votes)

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Girl Meets World Theme Song

The theme song for the Disney Vhannel series Girl Meets World. The song is performed by two of the show's stars.

Girl Meets World Sneak Preview - Friends

A new sneak peek of Disney's Girl Meets World. See what Riley and her friends are up to!

Girl Meets World Teaser

The first-ever Girl Meets World preview is here. Watch Cory and Topanga chat with their daughter now.

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TOOOO much Color!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Perez you are such a faggot, I hope you get AIDS.




Would it be too late to go back to "Man Meets World" where Corey is now in New York City? That was planned but fell through


it feel like any other disney show they have on one. it seems to lack something that old show used to have.


You (Eric Mathews 11:55) sir are kinda nuts. First of all, this show has the original cast in it and that's really rare for a production when everything old was wiped and it is just a name they are borrowing. You're so sour in life. The show is what the makers grew up with not you. You don't like the show, then go watch something else. And if you're so unhappy with life and what you see, go poke your eyes out and jump off a bridge. You complain about lies but you're sitting in front of a computer and got time to comment on things you don't like. You don't like the government so you're probably jobless and don't pay taxes plus giving a bunch of illegals all our jobs in US. Bug off.

@ KammyL

I think this show has some of the same WIT and Charm that the original had! I think the haters on this are nuts!


One word: MEH


These girls are like 12 years old, why are they trying to make them look like over done 30 year old women?! They are way to sexualized.

@ Zane

I meant *Too*


Everything will be fine. Let the show progress to a mature state and all will make sense. When Boy meets world you grew up with the show. And now some of you who have kids and they too can now grow up with this show. Give it time and you'll appreciate the overall product.


you guys need to grow up and let go of your childhood, this is a new aged Disney show. its not the 1990's anymore. Don't expect anything to be the same as the old... this is for the kids during this time

@ The Boss

Is there a "Dislike" for this comment?

@ The Boss

new show, but just as good as the original.. If not better because it shows age and new character.

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