Giovanna Plowman appears to place a bloody tampon in her mouth in this video. Do you think it's real?

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Nhur sabrynah

thats so cool i wish i was like you


That was the grosest fucken thing I ever saw.when she putin her mouth i was really shocked and fucking grossed out. I thought she was so fucen gross


Can you imagine the depth of curiosity needed to perform that act. Having been down at the Y at the beginning of that time by accident I. Can say that the tampon would be the biggest gag factor.
Give the girl a break, she has had lost friends. Actually obtained mental health and is trying to make amends. Please show a little compassion and understand peer pressure and the wrong crowd can cause a lot of damage.

Stephanie heart

Ewww :// i just watched the apology vid

Roxy hugs

Nasty at y the f*** would u do that

Chris jungho park
@ Roxy Hugs



Well at the end of this she say yuh dont knw why I did this... so why the fu** didnt yuh explain b4 yuh did it..




That was so nasty I can't believe that she really did that. I no she not go be kissing no boys anytime soon


I think this girl is a fuckin idiot... Why the hell would u even think of doing something like that.... I threw up the moment she put it in her mouth and o my ducking god she is a total idiot tryin to get attention.

Yien shiluode
@ Fab diva

Lol u said "d"ucking .... u have autocorrect enabled, idiot....


she'll eat anything, i guess. maybe she saw this was a low-fat alternative to eating fast food. god knows she could survive with losing a few pounds.

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