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Giovanna Plowman appears to place a bloody tampon in her mouth in this video. Do you think it's real?

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This was a stupid idea this was totally fake


what the hell. she must be sick mentally if she thinks this is an ok way to behave. get help you really do need it


Is it wrong for me to say that I wouldn't be surprised if this ended in a "Jessie Slaughter" on camera breakdown or a suicide from all the crap she's gonna get on this video. Real or not she's gonna get hell for this video. Smh why do people do this stuff to themselves? Makes me kinda sad :(


Because they want attention


this is not real guys if she really was on her "rag" she wouldnt be sitting and standing without protection she would be dripping bt anyway is not real the way she looks at the camera when shes supposably throwing up haha shes retarded she wants attention !! cant even be a good actor poor little kid

@ barbiie

I agree with that and I saw her look at the camera


Guys this girl only did this for attention. Why are you giving it to her? It's probably fake anyways. Just cuz she fed herself a tampon, doesn't mean you have to feed her attention.


No way this is real... She looks at the camera when she "throws up" and it takes her WAY too long to take out her tampon... The idea of this whole thing is so disgusting and pathetic. If she needs attention that bad she lives a poor life.


This is real and I believe that it is too late to smack the stupid out if this child. Why didn't she eat her puke to continue her insanity?


There is something majorly wrong with you.


Wank Difficulty Level 1,000,000


dis bitch is nasssstyyy

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