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Giovanna Plowman appears to place a bloody tampon in her mouth in this video. Do you think it's real?

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1. It's fake
2. She's fake
3. I have seen worse (2girls1cup, anyone?)
4. Why would you give an actual crap?


I dont care if it is fake or real, i thought it was real, but seriously, this girl has problems.


I find this difficult to masturbate to. :/

@ Daniel Usually Wright

Hahaha, it is a bit of a turn off isn't it xD

@ Daniel Usually Wright

I'm pretty sure it wasn't met for you to masturbate to.. You're as sick as this girl.


ew nasty


She says that theres something wrong with us, then she goes and eats her own tampon. :L


First off she took way to long to remove the tampon. It DOES NOT take that long, second of all that is not what period blood looks like, third of all you do not sit there and assume people are gunna think its fake unless it is, and lastly, you wouldn't be looking at the. camera and smiling while puking..


ew...nasty bitch..


This is sick oh my gahhhhhh this is just nasty yes this is real but I was about to puke yuck dude she did this for attention all she is doing is getting dissed even CELEBRITIES are dissing her Ariana Grande had a right to say what she said!


Vagina blood pire


Guys this is real, my friend named Leo knows this girl, he said that she was doing this just to get popular and attention, she isn't like this, jus calm down, I mean how much proof do u guys need?! She pulled it out in front of us! It's real, my friend Leo never lies, he's always honest and he's real, so I kno this is real, u should too, just calm down an stop calling her names!

@ Kacey

But why would you go to these extremes measures to get attention... so sad smh..

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