Geraldo Rivera on Trayvon Martin

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Geraldo Rivera speaks out about the Trayvon Martin case, and controversially. He says by wearing a hoodie, he became a target.
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I guess the lady in a short skirt deserves to be raped too. What a load of garbage!


USA has, has had, will always have a racist mentality, some would say culture... and it says kill, search and drestroy anything that is brown or black. George Zimmerman is not a latino, he´s a white supremacist hillbilly equipped with a pistol and this racist mentality. he did what his white chip told him to (waste the nigger). I know it´s sad, but it is simple as this. Jah lives children!!!


Im tan skinned and wearing hoodie today..guess I should out for someone who thinks like what a joke..


I think Geraldo must have left his brain in Al Capone's Vault. LOL

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