George Zimmerman Verdict

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The moment the George Zimmerman verdict was read aloud Saturday, July 13, 2013. He was found not guilty.
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Well seriously instead of this being a race issue you should all look at the facts, white, yellow brown, black or red in our worlds they are all a nice kid a gentle soul, he went to church, what we leave out is church 10 years ago ,hanging with a bad crowd, made some poor choices and then we have people (judges) afraid to call it because of a race riot, all of us smarten up, the guy was aquitted and if it was the other way around and he Traymor was aquitted all would be well. So people want equality and through the justice system it happened and now as "USUAL" there are a percentage yelling foul. Get over it if equality is what you want then let the cards lay. believe me there are a lot of brown, yellow, red and believe it or not white people getting charged for this every day, and I hope your judicial process works for all, just not one faction of enraged people. You want it deal with it.


We as a group in the most powerful country in the world are still not united! This will always be about race. This verdict was wrong as Hell! I'm pissed off about it!.white people have more privileges than black people will ever have.I don't care how rich no black man or black woman is.we are still oppressed in this world.the INTENT of this whole situation was wrong! Being BLACK in a neighborhood were WHITE people don't think we can afford to live! wearing a HOODIE! George zimmerman was wrong from start to finish and he do need to watch his back and continue to keep his gun at his side. He can't kill every black kid in HIS NEIGHBORHOOD.I'm going to pray for myself and my children,I'm gonna ask god to help me forgive zimmerman Im not holding a grudge that will kill me.its one thing I do know is that GOD works in mysterious ways he heals all wounds within time. That's what I will hold onto.

@ Tyronicia Miller

Asians floated in boats floating across the Pacific in the 1970's after the Vietnam war. They came to this country, saved their money, opened up business's and today they prosper. Illegals swim across the boarder, work for little, save their money, send money home, live 15 to a house and somehow they make it with much disruption. Me- a white, I can tell you this. You are who you appear to be. If you appear to be a white woman with tattoos down both arms and a piercing in your nose then you are a person I don't want to be around because you have no respect for your body and frankly I think it's nasty as hell. You are who you present yourself to be. If you are a person who drops the race card then I no longer want to hear anything you say because I think that every time you don't get your way you will do it! Is that the truth? Of course it is because that's how I perceive the truth to be. Your leaders are Quantrel X ( or what ever his name is) who said, white babies should die! Al Sharpton tried to frame a prosecutor in NYC with Tawana Brawley. How can i see any creditabilty in your cause with people like that leading you. How can I possibly give you the benifit of the doubt. Your people are so busy saying you don't give a damn about whites but you see to constantly look for their approval. Why is it that blacks struggle? Why is it that when whites think about Blacks they think about violence? Why is it that we don't trust you? There has to be a legitimate reason for all this. Your people make it easy to dislike. It was a tragedy, it was not called for and it was bound to happen. That spent mean that it was a crime. Your people are killing each other daily and you stop and come together so you can slaughter one white man- ZIMMERMAN! Do you know how racist that seems. Your race has problems and their is no joy in saying that. It's true. You have to ask- why is this happening to yourself. Is it a conspiracy?


No RESPONSE to what could of been LIFE. Well, I suppose he thought he BEAT THE SYSTEM, and is laughing inside, but didn't want to LAUGH in court.

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