George Zimmerman Bail Bond Hearing

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A news report about George Zimmerman's second bond hearing. After being released the first time, he was remanded into custody after a judge said he lied about his financial situation.

Too bad for George, he turned himself in both times, and it is surrprising to see such a huge bail. Maybe the judge knows something not revealed to the public? A word of advice to young men like George who may want to carry a is legal, and Florida "stand your ground law," encourages the use of guns when thretened, but I suspect George can tell you he's in a heap of trouble because he went for his gun. Guns were "manly symbols" on the old frontier, but these days having a gun in your pocket makes most people (and juries) think bad things about you. Your neighbors don't carry's legal, but it's a no, no, no!

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