Geo Godley Drops His Pants

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It's bad enough that Geo Godley can't sing. But then The X Factor contestant had to go ahead and do this.
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If it were done on the street, the man would be arrested for indecent exposure; do you mean to tell me he left the theater without being taken into custody???

Carol worth

Idiot Jerk!


No I don't hate Paula, nor do I hate anyone. I just felt she over reacted.


Paula even laughed at first.


This performance was out of control and uncalled for. Why are those sort of songs allowed with children present? There were children watching. I hope he was charged with exposure in front of children. I can understand if it were adults only, but it wasn't. Stunts like that are going to ruin great opportunities for others. He should be very ashamed of himself!!!! If I were there with my daughter and she had viewed that filth I would be one ticked off momma!! You know someone had to have seen that coming and should have stopped it. I figured it out before he did it, so why didn't anyone else? It was obvious what he was about to do when he was popping buttons and then undoing his belt to that sort of song. Paula, I understand it was very distasteful, but you WAY over reacted. Vomiting, seriously??? Sheesh, you made a butt of yourself going that far.

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