Gay Marriage Question

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During the 2009 Miss USA pageant, judge Perez Hilton posed a question about gay marriage to Miss California. He was not pleased with her answer.

Its too bad that my friend Perez had to be so immature and mean in dealing with Miss California. Most of us queers don't care about same sex marriage. Then my darling boy Perez goes on a nasty hateful blog and lies about the whole incident- NO ONE BOOED her response! I am ashamed of P H and am crying all over my keyboard as I write this. Can't we all just get along!>?!?


Perez Hilton is the voice of the Gay movement. He is all love and tolerance til someone has the courage to stand up to him and tell him the truth. Then he turns into the shrill, vicious, Christophobe that any normal person can see he is. He along with his other perverted friends are on the Highway to Hell its too bad the media and Hollywood give this small group of perverted freaks so much power.


I am proud of this woman for takeing a stand against gay marraige! hilton set her up!What was he talking about saying the state shuld decide?Thats cuz he knows the majority dont want gay marraige!The people shuld decide not a few left wing judges. I would just like to say that i did not vote on the gay marraige question when i opened this page it voted for me.The results will be tainted

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