Gary Shirley is NOT the Father

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Gary Shirley denies, in this phone conversation somehow leaked online, that he knocked Amber Portwood up. The second time, that is. First kid? So his.
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she is only just sayen that to hurt him. thats all, like I said she is a complete BITCH! She got her 15 min of fame & now needs to get off the tv. cause Im sick of seeing her fugly face!


i think that Gary just needs to take there daughter away from Amber. She is clearly an unfit mother & def does not deserve her daughter. she is very abusive towards Gary & at any given time just ups & leaves the house. With no reguards to her daughter. Gary has always been there for the both of them & just needs to finally leave the loser BITCH!!! Cause thats all she is. She treats him like complete SHIT. I just wish he would see that & find himself a good woman. Cause he def deserves that!!!!!


if you photo shop a beard on the photo of the baby, it looks just like him. i know this isn't the baby he is speaking about on this garbled phone call post, i am just wondering if the baby in this photo is actually him, reduced, with his beard photoshopped off. kind of a mini me. and if it is, why would you go through the trouble of doing that.

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