Game Change Movie Trailer

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The trailer for HBO Films' Game Change, about the 2008 Republican nomination fight and decision to bring Sarah Palin on board the ticket.
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Feb02wolffbrothermax Dose anyone nocite no famous people have complained that Justin Bieber gets a movie made about him, and not them. You don't see Gerad Way, Milly Cyrus, Kirk Hammett , or any other celb Making you tube videos of themselves acting like brats saying Hey Man I've been in the Bizz Longer than Justin Bieber No ones Making a movie about my accomplishments HM I wonder why fans,and haters alike.


Lisa, I got the privilege to work on the film with Julianne, she is a phenomenal actress. No need to bash her, she is a A list actress, if you haven't noticed...


I'm impressed with the way both Sarah Palin's and John McCain's characters resemble the real people. (Good job on the hair and makeup.) But sadly, I am not surprised to see the Hollywood Elite's obvious continual hatred towards her. I seriously doubt this is the way it really "went down" during the 2008 election. It's a shame that they continue to bash conservatives through so called, "entertainment." And Julianne - you do a terrible job trying to emulate Governor Palin's accent. When is Hollywood going to come out with an Obama movie? Oh wait, they are too busy kissing his a**.

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