Florida Republican Debate

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The Republican candidates for president square off in Tampa, Fla., on January 23, 2012. Watch the entire debate here.

I think it is PATHETIC how they are STILL treating Ron Paul like a second class citizen. 53 minutes have passed and I have only heard Ron Paul get to speak for what 90 seconds? Shame on the people running these debates.


Flub, dub and flubdub---now mainstream Republicans know how to negate Newt’s capacity to play to the mean spirit of his few-but-loud lynch-mob attendees---mute the mikes of the cheap seats in the audience. When the cowardly inclined cannot get their hot air pumped into a blowtorch by a jeering throng, they are quickly looked upon as a loathsome inconsequential that is easily avoided. And the harsh voices of echoed support also fade away as rapidly as do the would-be sources that can no longer hide in a thinning crowd. Like Speaker Newts henchmen in the House, with derisive dismissal they soon say with real disinterest, “Newt who?�

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