Finale Duet

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In this clip from the American Idol finale, Kris Allen and Adam Lambert perform with Queen. They're singing a duet of the classic "We Are the Champions."

America got it so wrong again, how did that happen? :(


the finale duet is indeed a song for the champions. While adam lambert's voice sounded dominating with its stringently high pitch, the voice of kris allen was pulsatingly solid. the artistry of both singers are definitely apart, but after hearing most of the adam singing style -- which is almost the same in approach, that of kris stands out after hearing a repertoire of songs rendered. A true artist always conveys the message of the song and how he conveys it from the composer's and songwriter's message, including the artist's own emotional content, make the singer a real artist. Mr. Allen made a "lame" song into a superbly executed song.


Adam you rocked that song! Kris must have been relieved to have you there. You sure carried him through that one!


I am hopelessly in love with the vocals of Adam lambert. He really carried Kris through that song. Even Kris himself would admit to that. Adam Lambert is a superstar. Not just a singer but a superstar!

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