Fat Girl Dancing

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Whitney Thore, a blogger and radio producer, is out to prove that you can dance like a pro at any size.

I don't know, sucks that she is diagnosed with that but I don't find her dancing at all sexy or attractive. She should stay hidden behind the radio.


I applaud this life this young lady is fabulous!!!!!!!!! And to you all that say all these negative things, obviously have a poor since of self. You can't talk negative about someone if you haven't walked in their shoes. So judge not. Whitney girl you are doing that. I wish I could.


She is not dancing like a pro, she is bouncing!!
She looks completely unhealthy. Her smile is the weirdest thing in all this. I agree is not fair to judge people by the looks, but this means color of the skin, eyes, hair, your features, your language, religion, blah, blah, blah... I'm not going to celebrate her unhealthy choices! What should I say? -"oh!! You look awesome!! So round and fluffy"?
She could have had a heart atack by bouncing like that...

@ Ana

She has a diseases you prick, read about her first. Her disease makes her gain weight for no reason.

@ Mm

For no reason? The body can just create something out of nothing? Are you sure about that?

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