Fast & Furious 6 Super Bowl Trailer

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Check out the Super Bowl trailer here for Fast & Furious 6. We can't wait for this action flick!
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In just a few enthusiastic words, absolutely entertaining & completely entertaining. Gossip, thanks for letting this long time cinema lover & amateur critic share these views. Viewers, this is what movies are conceived & delivered to do. So, come early, get your corn & favorite drink, find a good seat & buckle up for a very enjoyable viewing. It is great to see such a well rounded cast. Vin turns another grand piece, here he is Riddick plus. Dwayne Johnson also turns in another good score for his growing filmography. All the others did a super job. This is the type of well turned film that is a must see for a second study. I shall expand a bot more after my next viewing. Thanks Gossip 7 good viewing friends.

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