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Farrah Abraham tries to justify her sex tape in a new video on Keek.

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Dammmnn best comeback ever!
Farrah if you read this email me so i can tell you myself.


LISTEN to this video very carefully. Notice how her exs are "loser ass boys", the man in her video (James Deen) is unprofessional, and she is a victim for opening her legs at 16. This slut has some very serious mental issues. Everyone is the problem except her. She is the "awesome person", everyone else is wrong. I can't wait for her kid to grow up and watch this video so that the child can ask "Mommy, was that how I was created?" That's the answer! It'll be easier for her to teach her child about "The Birds & The Bees". She can just show her child this educational video she shot. LOL! Stupid whore!


I think Farrah is a beautiful smart woman but I pity her. I can tell from the episode with her sister that their mother put them through hell. She's tired of being dependent on that wacko and needed a big pay day to gain independence that will last. Her father seems to be a nice man but a pushover to Farrah's mom. I neither blame Farrah nor look down on her. I hope she invests the money she got from this wisely,


Hahaha.. She wanted to make a porno of herself ......? For her??? Egomaniac! Also, why did she have to pay someone to do it? A "professional " - most girls could pick up a hot guy and make their own porno for free.
I feel sorry for her little girl. Lost her dad and has a mum that's a brain dead moron


She just said that James Deen opened his big mouth about them making the sex tape and she criticized him for not being “Professional”, why would he need to be “Professional” if the porn video was for personal use and not intended to be sold to Vivid? Busted, nothing but a Kim Kardashian re-tred lol. Sex Tape is going to be released on this site among many others on Monday May 5th!


Retard you wonder why you're attracting "loser ass boys?" Any girl willing to try to sell a sex tape and sell their body and expose themselves to the world are going to attract scumbag guys. You don't bring a hoe home to meet mom. And you sweetheart are a hoe. She's trying to follow in her idol Kim K's footsteps, the difference is Kim is gorgeous. You just get more and more plastic and Michael Jackson looking. Go you!


She was on the Dr. Phil show other day, look at her and you can see it in his face and was saying to himself, this women is a psychopath, and their no hope or cure for this women, He also probably was saying to himself, she'll probably dye young as most women with this mental illness do from drugs, alcohol or murder by a boyfriend or another psychopathy?


She just verify that she a certified (Whore), open bids??? I bet your Mom and Father are so proud of you, your such a mentor???


Also... If it was only meant to be personal use..why would you agree to do it with a well known porn star? Come on, does she really think we're all that dumb?


She is such an attention whore, Kim Kardashian wannabe, it's pathetic. If what she just said is true, she seriously has some self esteem issues and needs to seek some help. She obviously cares more about guys than she does her own daughter, that was evident even during the show, very sad. I'm willing to bet this idiot is going to start doing porn full time. Just you wait, this isn't the only tape we're going to see from her.

@ Diana

I have no idea who this woman is. Is she a person most people know? I don't watch TV or any of those sitcoms--they make me sick. I don't want to end up having Alzheimers from never using my brain. I thrive on mental challenges. The few porn movies I've seen she looks just like one of those sluts.

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