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Farrah Abraham's first music video, for her single "On My Own," coordinating with the "On My Own" chapter in her book "My Teenage Dream Ended."

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Omg who told Farrah that she can sing poor girl she really does need help on her singing she is beautiful though but not a pretty voice nope not at all sorry girl no music award for you


Oh my god i love it!!! Such musical talent you go girl!

@ Gina

you may need to get your ears checked ..


Farrah..youre a good mom..and entreprenuer..but dear god you are not a singer!! how did you listen to these tracks and not think for a second they are horrifying?? Farrah please stop trying to sing! You sound like a robot and yure not even on beat! And your songs are creepy!


I sing way better then that dude.her voice is like nails on a chalk board. My autotune is awesome. She is a horrible Mom. The ice king is a better parent. Me and jake would raise that baby better.


Sounds Japanese. Who on earth was the producer (or would he rather not say).


There is no actual singing here. It sounds like they took the techno route to try to cover up the fact that she cant sing. And did she write this crap herself? Obviously she has never listened to a real artist and picked up that song lyrics are poetry. You have to be articulate for that something that her "songs" are obviously lacking.


Self centered person. You better squeeze every penny you got, because you got no talent. I feel sorry for your mother!!!


FARRAH, your one of my favorite teen moms but you seriously need to stick to television. And not singing. Your much better off doing tv shows then trying to be a music artist!


I dated farrah believe me she didn't care a bit about Derrick this is just her prolonging her 15 mins. But to exploit your kid and her dead father is disgusting Farrah. I'm going to post your email and cell for the world to call you.


No really..... What in the world? Did baby Sofia tape this? Farrah what is wrong with you girl? This is beyond horrible. I just couldn't make it. All you are doing is talking in auto tone! I just can't!!!!! I swear the music is like beginning piano 101!!!! Just stop.... Try and be a good mom and just STOP!!!! Cash out on the 15 minutes and get Sofia a trust fund and invest your money wisely and call if a reality tc life. This is horrible girlfriend and it sounds beyond creepy..... Borderline crazy! Like psycho.

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