Farrah Abraham rips James Deen in an interview with TMZ.

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She has two sex tapes


You are making lies, From all the Funky sounds you were making while he was doing his stuff he didnt seem to have a small penis. and I dont know how you can say its like a marriage tape? No farrah, Its a porno. Thats all itll ever be. and again The tape wasnt all that good. Nothing about you is real. Your tits are fake and so is your personality. Im not going to Judge you. You made a stupid mistake. I just believe you knew this would happen and now your making excuses. You say you did it for the money or what not. But real parents Real mom bust their asses for their children. You sell your porn video. Kinda sad. Grow up. Stop getting upset because you cant have your way. Maybe youll find a boyfriend when you mature a little.


Farrah I was such a big fan of yours in your teen mom days. You seem to be doing so well better than any of the other girls. Going to school, very in dependent, hard working, beautiful, single mom. I do think you made a bad decision only because you do have Sophia You should of thought on how this decision is going to affect her in the future. Any way I am no one to judge you. I do think your sex tape was great but I don't understand why you bash your co-star? you should of just own up to it ! your reason for doing it also are dumb . I think there are bigger reasons. Maybe its been so long since you felt love and attention and not finding the right guy who saw how beautiful you are push you to do this but whatever your reason might be Just want you to know that I understand you and I don't think your a horrible mom. Maybe the money can provide for your daughter but you know for your own life experiences that material things do not make a person happy. My best wishes to you and Sophia.
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Mother and daughter obviously have different reasons why the video was made in the first place,Farrah says its like a wedding video n mama thinks she dint know why she was being filmed?oh pls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


use people like how you want to put your daughter to work cause you cant get a real job!!!!??? come on farrah step up use your degree if you got that or not please dont just make your daugher bring in money :(


do you married to me??quickly tell me now i am wating your answer


Her and her ugly child need to go away. Farrah, you look like your dad with a wig on. No amount of plastic surgery will fix that busted face of yours. You are an ugly person inside and out. Maybe you'll die the next time that you decide to drive drunk. :)

@ lol

HAHAHAHAHA i love your comment besides the fact it is spot on!

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[On her DUI arrest] I did not endanger anyone's life.

Jenelle [Evans] has all the potential to turn her negatives into a positive like I have.