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Farrah Abraham has released her debut single, "Finally Getting Up From Rock Bottom." It may be the worst song in the history of music.

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Good Lord! She has no pitch, no rhythm, no style, no musical ability at all. The autotuner is on so much it's distorting the lyrics into mush. And the song is so bad it sounds as though a machine wrote it. That made Manny Pacquiao and Rebecca Black sound like great artists!


God she sucks even more then Rebecca black. At least we could understand Wat she said.


She must be realllly bad to have that much reverb attached to it....I mean come on really.....whoever thought that was good....seriously.....


Wow! That song was horrible, could not understand a word she said. It sounded almost like she was constipated. MTV created this show to help show kids that it's not good to be a teen mom, you're more likely to struggle, etc. However, this one lives in florida, drives a mini coop., and obviously has money to waste on making an album. Ridiculous, song sucked, her attitude sucks, I personally don't like her on the show because of how she treats people, and how she disrepects her mom and dad, she did however, seem like one of the better moms though, I will give her that. Other than that she definitely won't even be a 1 hit wonder!


I LOVE THIS SONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! she has no doubt found her talent for sure. can i request for Sophia to be in the next song? that would definitely hit #1 within 3 days!
4 likes for you and none for paris hilton


Wtf that is horrible and she needs to get singing lessons. Good for her for tryin something new but seriously? My ears are blessing.


Watch how she bitches at people for not liking the song like she bitches at everyone else.


OMG WTF I Could Not Understand Shit It Sounded Like She Was Drunk.. Mickey Mouse Sounds Better Then That Booo call Simon hell have a blast tell her off


Im not one to talk shit about people but whoever helped her with her music should be fired she needs to go get her money back cuz that was hurendous and awful on a whole nother level....never thought in a million yrs i would say this but i rather listen to Paris Hilton sing!!! Lol


Can anyone even actually sing anymore?

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