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Tommy Jordan, a North Carolina dad, recently taught his teenage daughter the hard way that nothing on the Internet can really be considered private. Watch what he did after finding a disrespectful Facebook post she wrote about him.

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Dude your parenting is fucked up if you realy are a good dad you would let her have the recources that will benefit her and get ready for collage im 12 years old and even I can see that's just shitty parenting

@ Hanna Montana Banana



Not all kids are that way. Good for you tho. She deserved it.


But will that really teach her to be respectful? Would it not have been better to confiscate PC for a month?


Wayyyyy to Goooo DAaAdddddd!! That was awesome!!! Your the best father in the world I wish I had you I wish my children had a father like you!! That was great!!!


Greg, get over it. If you're mad over something like that then you have deeper issues.


way to go dad...sorry I didn't think of this 5 years ago. As for you peace preaching hypocrites... fuck you!!! I'll pay for your rounds I'm getting mine out anyway to do the same thing. LOL


Do listen to the so called experts, it's not their child. She is your child, and you are her parent. Keep up the good work, hopefully other parent will take back their parental rights and be able to say enough is enough. And for those who keep making comments about you, saying that, "you're some kind of bad father". Will there blind and or don't have the strength to take back their rights and or their homes, and as I see it, that is the true issue here.......


Tommy Jordan, you are a good father and I would bet, you love your daughter, and want only the best for her, and no matter others may say, that doesn't mean, that you must be willing to be disrespected, too be a good parent. I'm sure the experts and others will not agree, with what, and how you dealt with this issue with "your child". However I do, and I'm sure that alot more will as well. However it should not and does not matter what the experts, others and or what I have to say about this issue with "your child". On the note, take it or leave it, "Good job, make mistakes, react, love, defend/protect, teach respect and loyalty, and above all be a parent".


It's time as a country we take back our rights to be parents.Debating about the use of a gun to destroying a computer, and using the word violents, to over shadow the real problem. It was a computer, a computer he payed for and gave to is 15 year old daughter and that was used to disrespect her father and others. Don't over shadow this issue, it's not about how the computer was destroyed and or the method, that was used, but you should see a parent that taking back his rights as a parent. The so called experts have had their chance, now it's time we the parents take back our rights, before it's too late.

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