Ex-Boyfriend Living in Attic

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This North Carolina woman received the scare of a lifetime in the form of her ex-boyfriend living in her attic. Seriously, you gotta see this.
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Sounds like these cops may need some exercise if they are questioning a suspect and I they are able to "bolt" . Don't get me wrong, I'm thankful for every straight cop out there, because we all know there are crooked cops, so I don't want any kind of bull about using the word straight. But if your a cop.....dammit, you need to stay in shape and be able to outrun the crooks! I am in my 50's and 110lbs. soaking wet, and I've seen cops that I believe I could either, kick their butts, take their gun or Get away from them at a brisk walk if I got into any trouble. (Not that I ever have been) The police need too get off their assess and go re-arrest this stalker before he kills someone.

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