Esurance Super Bowl Commercial

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Granted, this Esurance commercial aired AFTER the Super Bowl. But it practically broke Twitter, so we're counting it.

Superbowl must have world cup as american football it will make sense lets stop race and introduce this game all over the world and make it world cup superbowl and USA they are the host asia africa europe australia etc must learn this game and i,told linkedin to give me my asset they want to pull me down and my ideas most of them broke twitter and i,have many followers. My aim is to write movies and sell ideas and i,wrote 5 best movie script 1-FORCE TO KILL PILOT-2-THE QUADTREPLETS IRON TWINS-3-DOG SCIENTIST-4-CROCODILES-5-THE BOXER. I,told linkedin to sell those scripts for me so that my company will have what it takes on media broadcasting and i,need to get money to make my life amazing because i,am super natural like superbowl all i,want is money from linkedin please hollywood gossip just help me i,dont have any asset into my account my company need your help as strongest business man and women who run the world i,need your help. Right now linkedin says on 15 may 2014 i,am no longer going to use their polls because they owe me so much money at least $ 100 million will make me happy because he promise me $ 7 billion to work for him 3 yrs now i,have 1 year 6 months they want to abondon me please help me. Jeff weiner he want to rob me not get what i,want all i,want is justice ask him he got real explanation why he treat me like nobody because i,am an enterpreneur and we learn by mistakes maybe money is the problem to me i,dont know FBI & BOSTON POLICE they are in charge because i,press charges on internet fraud and scam. After i,wrote my last movie THE BOXER brat pitt starring he send me message on website my website that i,won an oscar award,he played me big time so help me guys to reach my goals,he must tell the truth or pay or deregistered his company he is a fraud.


My name is samuel ramethape i,create the super bowl esurance campaign 2 days ago and is a great thing. Actually i,create it,on linkedin i,wish all the best for the super bowl campaign

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